Installing Running Boards on Your CR-V

First introduced in 1995, the Honda CR-V is now in its fifth generation. This popular compact crossover SUV offers value, versatility and economical fuel mileage. The CR-V provides plenty of passenger and cargo room. Available in several trim levels, the CR-V can be equipped with a wide range of in-cabin amenities to make driving to Santa Monica or the San Gabriel Mountains more enjoyable. The SUV also delivers reasonable power, good handling and excellent comfort for experiencing Southern California’s great weather, sandy beaches and nearby scenic mountains. Although the vehicle boasts a strong safety record, it would be safer if you had running boards to help you and your passengers step into your Honda CR-V. The running boards can also be used as a stable platform for accessing the roof racks situated on the top of the vehicle. One of the most popular exterior accessories for van, trucks and SUVs, running boards make it easier for people to climb in and out of your vehicle. Running boards have become so common that they are conspicuous by their absence.


Running boards serve two primary functions. They provide a stable intermediate surface that makes it safer for occupants to step in and out of a vehicle that is higher off the ground than a typical sedan. Without this step located between the ground and the door, entry can be difficult, especially for passengers with limited mobility. Running boards also protect the sides of your SUV from airborne road debris. These stylish accessories block some of the rocks, dirt and other items that may be kicked up by spinning tires. This protects the finish on the side of your SUV from chips, scratches and dents.


Owners can install Honda CR-V running board models for all the side doors or just the rear passenger doors. Rear-entry only models curve underneath the front door. Made from automotive-grade corrosion-resistant aluminum, they are available in a black matte finish or with chrome trim for a contemporary look. All models feature a wide, slip-resistant top surface. Illumination kits are available for lighting the top surface or the ground underneath the running boards.


Because running boards serve as a small stepladder, it is important for safety reasons that you keep them clean and dry as much as possible. If the traction surface wears out, a quick and inexpensive temporary fix is to apply deck tape, which is used by skateboarders. The material provides sufficient traction on the surface until you can replace the top or the entire running board.

How to Install Running Boards

Installing running boards is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project that can be accomplished in an afternoon with some hand tools and a little mechanical acumen. Park your SUV on a level surface, shut it off and set the parking brake. Assemble the required tools. These include:

• A socket or wrench set

• Vice grips

• A set of running boards

• A set of mud flaps is desired

Open the box, and read the instructions. Ensure that you have a left and right side running board as well as all the required fasteners. The instructions should indicate the position of the factory-drilled mounting holes. Lie down on the ground next to your CR-V. Look underneath the SUV at the frame near the bottom of the doors, and locate the boltholes. Lay the left running board along the driver’s side doors. The right running board will be attached to the passenger side. Using the provided hardware, attach the mounting brackets to the running boards. Use the vise grips to clamp one end of the left running board in place. Use a correctly sized socket or wrench to secure the bolt at the other end. Working your way to the end with the vice clamp, secure the remaining bolts and nuts in place. Install any required washers or rubber spacers. Once the running board mounting brackets are fully secured to the frame, remove the vice grip. Repeat the process on the other side. Ensure that you are attaching the running boards to the frame. If you attach them to a body panel, it will not support the weight. Connect the wiring harness and lights at this time if your running boards have an illumination kit. The light kit provides illumination during periods of low light for added safety climbing in and out of the SUV. This is also a good time to install mud flaps on the rear wheel well of your front tires for added protection from road debris. The mud flaps will also help keep the top surface of your running boards cleaner. Once the running boards, mud flaps and light kit are installed, you are free to enjoy these new accessories.

Why Use Genuine Parts?

Genuine Honda name-brand accessories are manufactured from top-quality material to the exact same standards required at the factory when your CR-V was first assembled. This ensures that these OEM Honda CR-V running boards will fit and function correctly. There will not be a need for any extra parts, special adjustments of modifications to your SUV. These OEM running boards will deliver the same level of performance and durability that you expect from this highly regarded automaker. Along with saving time and money, Honda OEM running boards remove the guesswork that can arise when comparing aftermarket products.

Order with Confidence

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