Attaching Roof Racks to Your Honda CR-V

Now in its fifth generation, the highly versatile Honda CR-V is a midrange SUV first introduced as a concept vehicle in 1995. Featuring a car-based design, the popular crossover offers a sedan-like ride, excellent handling and good fuel economy. The CR-V is available in a number of trim levels featuring a wide range of amenities. It also provides plenty of passenger and cargo room for excursions to the San Gabriel Mountains or Santa Monica beaches. When you need a little more room or have to transport an oversized load, attaching roof racks to the top of the SUV can come in handy. The roof rack enables you to utilize the space on top of your SUV. Roof racks are an affordable option to increase the storage capacity of your CR-V. The added cargo space increases the vehicle’s flexibility when taking extended family vacations or engaging in leisure activities that require outsized equipment, such as surfboards, paddle boards or snowboards. A roof rack provides a secure location to tie down items too large to fit inside the vehicle. It can also be used to transport items if you want to reduce clutter in the cabin and provide more room for passengers. The Honda CR-V comes from the assembly plant with factory-fitted rails to which the roof rack is attached. This makes it easier to install a roof rack specifically designed for your CR-V. Installing a roof rack is more economical than having to purchase or rent a larger vehicle.

How to Attach CR-V Roof Racks

If your CR-V was not equipped with a roof rack at the factory, you can install one using a few tools and a little mechanical knowledge. In addition to the roof rack assembly, the tools required include:

A flat-tip screwdriver

A soft cloth

A T-25 or T-30 Torx head driver depending upon the model year

Allen wrench set

Rubber mallet


Prep the Roof

Open the doors or use a stepladder to safely access the top of the roof. Locate the covers protecting the pre-engineered attachment points on the roof rails running from the front to the back of your SUV. There are two mounting point covers on each side of the CR-V. Wrap the tip of the screwdriver in the soft cloth to prevent damage to the finish. Wedge the tip of the tool under one edge of a cover. Slowly and gently pry up and then remove the cover. Repeat this for all the remaining covers. This exposes the mounting bolts. Store the covers in the glove box or another safe location in case you want to remove the roof rack in the future.

Put the Roof Rack Together

Remove the roof rack assembly from the packaging and ensure that all required parts are present. The roof rack is labeled front and rear as well as left and right. Slide each end of a cross member into its appropriate mounting bracket. Secure each end of a cross member in place with two of the Torx screws provided. Ensure each cross piece is properly paired with a left and right side mounting bracket.

Attaching the Roof Rack

While one person can install the roof rack, you should have another person on the other side of the vehicle to minimize the risk of scratching the finish on your SUV. Beginning with the front or back, align the cross member with the mounting points. Insert one mounting bracket into its corresponding mounting point. For example, the left front bracket is aligned with the left front mounting point. Ensure the mounting bolts come through their appropriate pre-cut holes. You may have to tap the bracket with the rubber mallet to gently force it into place. Follow this procedure for the mounting bracket on the other side. Repeat the process for the other cross member. Once all four brackets are in place, use the Allen wrench that comes with the kit, or another one that is the correct size, to secure the nuts in place. There are two nuts per mounting bracket. Once all eight of the nuts are tightened, insert the correct mounting bracket cover over each bracket. You may need to tap them into place with the rubber mallet. Pull gently on each of the cross members to ensure that it is locked into place. Once the base roof rack is installed, there is almost no limit to the types of equipment that you can transport. The roof racks can serve as the attachment point for cargo boxes and the attachment assemblies used to secure bicycles, surfboards and other recreational equipment. Storing large items on the roof also protects the interior of your SUV. Whenever you transport items on top of your SUV, ensure that you follow proper safety precautions and items are properly secured.

Why Use OEM Roof Racks?

Made from top quality materials, OEM Honda CR-V roof racks are manufactured to the same exacting standards required by the factory. As a result, these roof racks will fit the attachment points on your SUV perfectly. There is no need for extra parts, special adjustments or modifications. This will save you time and money. They will also deliver the performance, quality and reliability that you expect from the automaker. These racks are also aerodynamically engineered to reduce noise and drag. Honda CR-V OEM roof racks eliminate the confusion and guesswork that can arise when evaluating aftermarket accessories.

Order with Confidence

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